A Day on the Dot Calm Nov26


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A Day on the Dot Calm

Dear Readers – my sincerest apologies for the long gap in the blog. It’s been over two weeks since our last entry, but you see, life has changed. The pendulum has Swung, with a capital “S”. We’ve come from the far right reaches of surplus freedom, where every day was ours to fill with play, exploration and indulgence. We knowingly boarded our soft, smooshy bodies onto that pendulum and rode it hard to the left, toward Kentucky, like two drunk girls auditioning to be Tarzan babes. Only our pendulum turned out to be more wrecking ball than the fancy, gold, tick-tock kind you find in clocks. It stopped just short of the brick wall called Amazon, but Ali and I, victims of momentum, kept flying and we’re still trying to rub the brick pattern off our faces.

As I laid in bed earlier this morning, cataloging each sore muscle, rating them on the scale of “a little stretching will take care of that” to “holy hell that hurts”, I decided to get up and spend some time remembering those good ‘ol freedom days. I got up at 3:30am, an hour earlier than we usually rise to get ready for work. I know that sounds awful, but when you go to bed at 8:45pm it’s really no big deal. I got seven, solid hours of sleep because we sleep like dead people on work days. There’s a little squirming in the beginning to get all the sore bits into a comfortable place, but then it’s off the cliff to z-land. I promise we’ll work diligently during the sparing times we’re not in the warehouse to catch the blog up quickly to Kentucky and our grueling jobs at Amazon. There are plenty of details to share about our new life as human machine parts in this huge automated monster. But for now, let’s re-live some of that wild ride from two months ago.


We left my parents and our beautiful mountain perch in Hendersonville, NC to head to the Atlanta area and further south. Our next campground could have been a destination all on its own, Stone Mountain, Georgia, complete with a lake, a train, a giant stone carving, an amusement park, ropes course and the eerily, beautiful Stone Mountain itself. However, our dance card was already booked. One day we planned to meet my friends Jason and Kim for a day of boating on Lake Lanier, and the next we hoped to hook up with Allison’s friend Doug and his wife in downtown Atlanta for a sight-seeing day. So even though we were camped right on the lake in the middle of the park, we only saw Stone Mountain in the morning and at night.

IMG_3008 IMG_3016

I’ve known Jason for 15 years now. His friendship is like having a piece of pure gold in my pocket. I don’t wear it or flash it around all the time, but it’s there, something of high value that is always with me. We met through work originally, but we’ve stayed in touch and even though I don’t see him very often, he has always been and will always be my true friend. His generosity is only matched in this world by one other person and that’s his wife Kim. So I knew we were in for an awesome day that morning as we drove about 40 minutes out to Lake Lanier to meet them at the boat dock.


We were greeted with giant hugs, mimosas and a full brunch spread after we received a tour of the Dot Calm. Like I said, we knew we were going to have an awesome day – but now it was CONFIRMED!



Allison figured she better take Jason up on the offer to ride jet skis before the second round of drinks came, so we negotiated that she would drive his new super fast one, and I would ride on the back behind Jason on the second jet ski. (You see, there was that time at Bass Lake, a few years ago, when Ali was driving a jet ski with me on the back and she jumped a wake and dumped me hard on the landing. I skipped four or five times across the top of the lake before landing. Water entered all available openings on my body. I have allowed her to drive me since then, but given the option of Jason as my chauffeur, it was an easy choice.)


I soon found out however, that Jason is a speed demon. Kim warned me that she preferred to drive her own jet ski rather than ride with him, but he promised not to get me wet and that was my primary criteria. He and Allison both love to go fast. I did stay dry, but my girly, freak out screams were heard from shore to shore as he took a big turn at 60 or 70 miles an hour – something horrifyingly fast. Allison had a blast. Let’s just say I was happy to return to the boat and get my second mimosa in hand.


Next on the list was a trip to the Marina store to feed the fish. This is one of Jason’s favorite things to do with the kids and we’re all just big kids, so what the heck. The ritual is that you buy an ice cream bar and a cup of dog food and then just outside the store at the edge of the dock, you throw the dog food into the water and it’s swarmed upon by BIG hungry fish.


I skipped the ice cream in lieu of future mimosas and the prospect of lunch that Kim had planned, but the fish frenzy was pretty cool. NOT as cool however, as the secret, like a hidden super-power, remote controlled jets that allowed Jason to “parallel park” at the dock like a GOD – a Zeus of Boats. He threw the clicky around his neck and left the helm to get better eyes on his approach and with the might of buttons at his finger tips he expertly nudged us sideways until the bumpers thrown over his starboard side gently kissed the dock’s edge. My mouth was agape. I can’t help it – I’m deeply enthralled by gadgets and remote controls.

After a quick tour around the other parts of the lake, Jason picked a spot for us to anchor for lunch and take a swim. Plastic wine glasses are the bomb! They float.



Kim set her iPod up in the Dot Calm’s stereo so that we could rock out with a jammin’ playlist during our swim and then taught us the finer points of noodle riding. With a couple noodles between the legs, one can easily keep her wine glass above water and use her legs to motor about. We noodled for a long while and then took the boat to a great sunset spot before we raced back to the main dock later that night under a nearly full moon. Kim even sent us home with the left over sandwiches from lunch and a nearly full Tupperware of the most amazing cookies. Like I said – most generous people in the world.



I’m so grateful for my two nuggets of gold!


Wow! I was actually going to try to include all the photos from our following day in Atlanta and the World of Coke, and then also tell you about our fast pass through Alabama and the little winery in the middle of nowhere, but I think I’ll close this out here. I have another day off tomorrow (thank God) to lock down more memories.