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August Itinerary – New England & Quebec

August is sure to offer many exciting activities beginning with a 10-day stay with a favorite friend, Karen and her husband Forrest just outside of Chicago.  I hope the humidity doesn’t pound us into indoor blerches (as so eloquently defined in the Oatmeal online comic strip).  http://theoatmeal.com/comics/running

Next up, Wayne, Michigan to visit with Lin’s aunt Lucile who she hasn’t seen for almost 20 years.  From there we will pop in and out of Canada as we make our way further east.  Quebec City has long been on the top of my list and I’m so excited to finally experience it.  Some friends in California have talked about joining us, but they are still sorting out whether they can make it work.  Fingers crossed – especially since one of them I think speaks French.


During the time we will be in Newport, VT, the Hermanns Royal Lippizzan Stallions will be performing in Barton, just 20 miles away. For those who don’t know, as I didn’t, these stallions perform Dressage and Airs Above the Ground. Founded in the 16th century for the exclusive use of the Hapsburg Royal family of Austria, the Royal Lipizzans are unquestionably the rarest, most aristocratic breed of horses in the world. Their history & more information can be found at http://www.hlipizzans.com/history.htm.


We round out the month visiting Sonja, in Maine – a pal from long ago when I lived in Boston.  Our eyes hope to feast on the stars at night and the crashing Atlantic Ocean during the day in Maine and Acadia National Park.


As always, please let us know if there’s something nearby that we should include in our plans. And if it’s not too much to ask, please share your ideas on the blog (versus Facebook).

Date City State Nights Activities
Monday 29-Jul Buffalo Grove IL 10 Home of the great Karen & Forrest Kulwin
Tuesday 30-Jul
Wednesday 31-Jul
Thursday 1-Aug
Friday 2-Aug Highland Park  IL Steely Dan – Ravina Festival
Saturday 3-Aug
Sunday 4-Aug
Monday 5-Aug Chicago IL Book of Mormon
Tuesday 6-Aug
Wednesday 7-Aug
Thursday 8-Aug Wayne MI 3 Visit Lin’s Aunt Lucile
Friday 9-Aug Henry Ford Museum
Saturday 10-Aug
Sunday 11-Aug Hamilton/ Niagara Falls/Toronto ON 3 Niagara Falls
Monday 12-Aug Toronto City
Tuesday 13-Aug
Wednesday 14-Aug Lodi NY 2 Seneca Lakes / Wineries
Thursday 15-Aug
Friday 16-Aug Saratoga Springs / Gansevoort NY 1
Saturday 17-Aug Plattsburg NY 3 Montreal City
Sunday 18-Aug
Monday 19-Aug
Tuesday 20-Aug Quebec City Canada 3 Quebec City
Wednesday 21-Aug
Thursday 22-Aug
Friday 23-Aug Newport VT 2 Lake Memphremagog
Saturday 24-Aug Barton VT Hermanns Royal Lippizzan Stallions
Sunday 25-Aug Northern Vermont (White Mountains) VT
Monday 26-Aug Mid New Hampshire NH
Tuesday 27-Aug Maine ME 3 Acadia National Park
Wednesday 28-Aug Arcadia / Bar Harbor ME
Thursday 29-Aug ME Visit Sonja & Jim
Friday 30-Aug Portland / Bath ME 1
Saturday 31-Aug Portsmouth NH Open Air Theater Production of Annie