Be the Gift Jul21


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Be the Gift

I want to share a couple of thoughts for my beautiful cousin, Gaelyn as she prepares to head off to UVA in a few weeks.

Don’t forget what we talked about on our walk out on the farm. Not the part about tattoos – though do remember that too – the part about having a blank slate this year. There are just a few times in a person’s life where we have the opportunity to do a sizable revision on ourselves, inside and out.

Going off to college is THE time to break out of the Chinese takeout box of high school and find yourself a new, sassy, but sturdy gift box to live in for the next four years. You’re not cold-left overs, never were, but high school can make a girl feel that way sometimes.


Shake it off! It’s time to see yourself as the GIFT.



I don’t ever want you to ignore your instincts about people, but do give yourself as freely as you can to those you trust.

Make sure you carry around a big tube of blue patience to go with that red tube of high expectations you like so much. Purple is a really good life-color.


And this is the hardest part, but also the most important – try to fall madly in love with yourself. If you don’t quite get there it’s OK, many of us fall short on that. It’s the effort that counts.


Above all BE NICE to my only cousin. She’s phenomenal and deserves respect.

I love you! Go get ’em tiger!