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Blogs, blogs, blogs

c2c On September 9, 2013 I was published – okay, it’s only in a food blog, but hey, I think it still counts. Right? As you may know I participated in a food blog challenge a couple of weeks ago – read that post here. To recap, all the recipes from the September issue of Bon Appétit were doled out to the willing participants. I was totally amazed to learn that 300+ hundred people participated & completed their challenge. Bon Appétit interviewed the Bitten Word about the Cover to Cover Challenge and you can read their Q&A on their website to learn a little more about the challenge and the history of their blog (Bon Appétit Q&A). Wow, what a following these two clever culinary guys from D.C. have.

Anyhow, my contribution was crab toast w/lemon aioli appetizer. You can read about my official critique along with all the others here . It was a super fun experience an even inspired me to dig through my recipe collection & actually make a few, instead of just imagining how they might taste. Surprisingly, Emeril’s chocolate pecan pie, not that great.
good eats

Recently, it occurred to me that our healthy living section of the blog was lacking content, and conversely there was an abundance of food related items. So, I made the pitch to Lin to make a change to our major categories. No, the irony was not lost on me/us.

As I’ve mentioned I don’t follow a lot of blogs; however very recently I made an effort to identify some others of interest in an attempt to broaden my writing skills. Below are a few of my new favorites. Okay, so they’re food related. Safe to say my hobby is not hidden. Do you have a favorite blog I might enjoy?

Sure wish I had invented this series!

Sure wish I had invented this series! – click on her Mighty Life List to see her FANTASTIC list of 100 things to do before she goes. This inspired me to begin creating my own bucket list.

Design Tripper – This focuses on stylish places to discover while traveling.

Seven Spoons – a wonderful collection of recipes from a gal in southern Ontario, Canada.

Crafty Farm Girl – Homesteading on 1.25 acres in a NY suburb.

Lottie and Doof – Another fellow who is seriously obsessed with cooking, hosting and the politics of food.