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June Itinerary – Oregon to Vancouver

June will take us through Oregon, Washington and then further north into Canada.  Full of opportunities to visit with family: Ali’s Aunt Pat & Uncle Bob in Bend, then cousins Rob & Tori and their daughter, Hannah who’s graduating high school.  Ann, Jen & Ken, Ali’s immediately family, will be making the trek to Portland to vacation with the nomadic traveler and celebrate Hannah’s achievements. During this same week, Lin will be traveling to Virgina to meet up with her family and celebrate her cousin, Gaelyn’s, high school graduation. Alice & John, Lin’s parents from South Carolina, will also be in attendance.  So, timing being what it is, family reunions will be happening on opposite coasts.


Leave a comment if you know of something near our route that we shouldn’t miss.

Date City State Nights
Saturday 1-Jun Burns OR 2
Sunday 2-Jun
Monday 3-Jun Bend OR 3
Tuesday 4-Jun (staying w/Aunt Pat & Uncle Bob)
Wednesday 5-Jun
Thursday 6-Jun Portland OR 10
Friday 7-Jun
Saturday 8-Jun Lin Flies to DC
Sunday 9-Jun Ali visits with family in Portland
Monday 10-Jun
Tuesday 11-Jun
Wednesday 12-Jun
Thursday 13-Jun Lin Returns from DC OR 2
Friday 14-Jun Portland
Saturday 15-Jun Eugene OR 2
Sunday 16-Jun
Monday 17-Jun Yachats OR 2
Tuesday 18-Jun
Wednesday 19-Jun Cannon Beach OR 2
Thursday 20-Jun
Friday 21-Jun Woodland WA 4
Saturday 22-Jun
Sunday 23-Jun
Monday 24-Jun
Tuesday 25-Jun Port Townsend WA 4
Wednesday 26-Jun
Thursday 27-Jun
Friday 28-Jun
Saturday 29-Jun Vancouver Canada 6
Sunday 30-Jun