Lobsta Love – Bah Habah Oct20


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Lobsta Love – Bah Habah

As we approached the Maine coast, my hunger for lobster grew ever more intense. No joke. In preparation I had done more than my usual amount of research on where to find the tastiest lobster. Like grits in Alabama and pizza in Chicago everybody has an opinion on where to find the best. One guy even dedicated an entire page of his website Mere Cat to the almighty lobster roll. Hallelujah.


But first, before the sun disappeared, we had an appointment with Acadia National Park and the view from Cadillac Mountain. The craggy, rocky coast is so majestic especially when dotted with sailboats as far as the eye can see. Tourists were crawling all about the rocky top, so we walked the loop and decided to pretend that we were the only ones there and had a “private” photo shoot. Barbizon models beware. From there we continued on Park Loop Road down to Seal Harbor and then back up through the park again keeping an eye out for the Precipice Trail, a recommendation from our friend Deb.





It was still early in the evening, so before we settled in for dinner we grabbed a tall table at Stewmans for Happy Hour. It came highly recommended online, not so much for the food, but for the view. Kayakers, boats, and the afternoon fog rolling off the water were our entertainment as we sipped blueberry margaritas.


IMG_2796 IMG_2801

We had seen the view from Cadillac, walked up and down the streets of Bah Habah, spent a happy hour watching the tide roll in, and finally it was time to get started on my lobsta tally. I had decided on the Sidestreet Cafe, voted best lobster roll as well as mac and cheese to boot. We could both be satisfied and Lin wouldn’t have to suffer through a lobster meal just for me. It’s true, she’s not a fan of the crustacean, but don’t hold that against her, she wicked smart and super cute.

Lobster Roll


Fun, cute town - the girl is too

Fun, cute town – the girl is too

After more research the following morning we discovered that the Precipice Trail was quite extreme and required climbing a ladder much like Angel’s Landing in Zion Park, Utah. Sadly a young girl had recently died on this trail and that bit of information tipped the scale in favor of bikes. Without Saundie and Donna to be our cheerleaders, we opted instead for the safer choice of bicycling on a carriage road around Eagle Lake.

The path was being enjoyed by bikers, runners, walkers, painters, and even a couple of horse riders, but not so many that it ever felt crowded. A canopy of trees covered the path, which was nice as we were already warmed by the humidity and the few inclines along the way. We had finally remembered to take the GoPro on this adventure, but the excitement factor was low, thus we ended up with more of a chronicle of our outing than a wild escapade to share. Oh well. We headed back to camp to rinse off and prepare for another lobster outing. Cleaning up meant taking a dip in the pool, which we had all to ourselves.

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake


My next lobsta roll came from Downeast Deli, a tiny little place on Main Street that caters to take out diners. You know what I ordered and Lin had egg salad on croissant, her favorite. We found a place to dine al fresco in the nearby park and watched the water world go by.

Sweet lunch view

Sweet lunch view

Our lunch view

A charter boat

Lunch conversation focused around whether Maine was a possible place where we might land. It’s so beautiful there, but the weather, but the lobster, but the tourists, and the weather… ok, probably not. At least we were fairly decided before we dove into the whoopie pie for dessert. It’s so much easier to digest when not contemplating major life decisions.

Soon enough however, I had to face my next big life decision – where to find my next lobster meal.