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Magic Steak Carpet

“Healthy Living” is one of the goals for this year of adventure, so we’ve committed to juicing for our morning meal and generally being much more active while we traipse across the country. We’ve also talked about avoiding processed foods, cooking for ourselves most of the time, and when we do need a meal out, picking a locally owned restaurant – no chains. Bye bye chips, hello nuts and seeds.

images I’m fairly convinced (or let’s say confident anyway) that simply by the nature of the foundational change in our lives – going from high-stress, unhappy, working long days, feeling persistent frustration and pressure to… well I guess I can sum it up in that one little powerhouse word, FREE, we will “act better” around food and cocktails. Food won’t have to play nursemaid to my unhappy soul and cocktails won’t be the prison break for my mind. Food can just be itself, a source of energy and nutrition and something to savor.

Let’s face it, we’ll “act better” around our entire life, each other, the whole world, everything. And if we don’t, I’m going to kick our asses.

I’ve already noticed a change in myself since being back from Hawaii and getting really focused on preparing for the trip. I’ll skip all the surrounding craziness, but I had a dream the other night and there was an awesome moment that stood out as a must-share since I think it sums up my shifting relationship with food.

mBS0C I sauntered up to a chest-high pile of thick, sizzling steaks that were each as big as an area rug – huge steaks. I lifted each one to inspect and evaluate. Hmm, the first one was a little under-done, “Still mooing” I said to myself. The next was charred, too black. And then there was the perfect steak; mid-rare, a warm pink, superbly marbled with fat.

There was no delicious odor and no concern from me about taste, rather my assessment of the steak was purely aesthetic and visual. Though I did distinctly note the sizzling as a pleasing sound, a good thing, a sign that these steaks were hot and ready.

Then with the flourish of a magician that pulls the tablecloth out from underneath glassware, I whipped the perfect steak, out from the middle of the stack and tossed it to the floor in front of me. Shplack! Pride and excitement bubbled up as I climbed onto the sizzling meat and with a superhero-like arm thrust and a finger point, I flew into the sky standing atop my magic steak carpet.

Flying dreams where you are in control are thought to indicate a sense of personal power, joy, liberation, or that you’ve gained a new perspective or risen above something. I don’t think there’s a consensus on flying a steak carpet in particular, but I think we can safely reach our own conclusions.

So – thanks to the wonderful surreality of my subconscious, I now have an extremely amusing visual to remind me of the proper hierarchy between me and food. Up, up and away!