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May Itinerary

We’ll be wrapping up our passage through the “Grand Staircase” and headed toward our 5th & 6th states by the end of May. It was at the strangest place, Moqui Cave in Utah, where we were presented with a great visual aide that showed us the layers in the earth that make up the Grand Staircase. So, now we know, and so do you.

Click on to enlarge & read description

Click on to enlarge & read description

Although the snow delights us and brings out the inner child in me, we must pray for snow free weather as we hit Yellowstone very early in the season.

There were a number of destinations that I envisioned prior to our original departure, but spending Memorial Day in Idaho Falls wasn’t one of them. It just so happens that it’s again conveniently located and appears to be a nice campground (according to their website). So, speak up if you’re in the know about Idaho.

Date City State Nights
Wednesday 1-May
Thursday 2-May Moab/Arches UT 4
Friday 3-May
Saturday 4-May
Sunday 5-May
Monday 6-May Grand Junction CO 3
Tuesday 7-May
Wednesday 8-May
Thursday 9-May Steamboat Springs CO 4
Friday 10-May Strawberry Springs
Saturday 11-May
Sunday 12-May
Monday 13-May Dinosaur National Monument CO 2
Tuesday 14-May
Wednesday 15-May Rock Springs WY 1
Thursday 16-May Grand Teton WY 4
Friday 17-May
Saturday 18-May
Sunday 19-May
Monday 20-May Yellowstone WY 4
Tuesday 21-May
Wednesday 22-May
Thursday 23-May
Friday 24-May Idaho Falls ID 3
Saturday 25-May
Sunday 26-May (Memorial Day w/e)
Monday 27-May Twin Falls ID 2
Tuesday 28-May
Wednesday 29-May Boise ID 3
Thursday 30-May
Friday 31-May