Rig Lingo & Peculiar Pics Jul18


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Rig Lingo & Peculiar Pics

Most hobbies or sports come with a special language. For example, you’d better know port from starboard and what coming about means before you head out sailing. And I’m open to a photographer has a different meaning than to the post basketball player. And so it was, just days after being on the road, we began creating our own RV lingo.

Near Kanab, UT, returning from Zion's east side on Hwy 9 Totally unrelated, but also amusing…

There is something captivating about odd signs or otherwise eye catching things that compels me to want to document them, and yes, this often requires a slightly annoying flip-about move. But in the end I’m always glad I did it. It’s a quirky way of sharing snippets of life across America and I’m hoping someday it will take me right back to that time & place.

And so I present below a collection of newly acquired terminology we’ve developed related to rig living, sprinkled in are funny photos collected along the way.

Fridge blow (also see cabinet blow)
1. An event that occurs after a bumpy day of driving. It’s when items explode onto the floor after major shifting during travel.

–What used to be “Aww shit, fridge blow!” is now “Be careful of fridge blow.” See we’re learning.

Hwy 101 outside Olympic Natl Park, WA.  I still don't understand what's being offered....

Hwy 101 outside Olympic Natl Park. I still don’t understand what’s being offered….

We’ve got garlic:
1. phrase used while driving to acknowledge the smell of the black water tank shaken by travel (only applicable when we can’t empty it before rolling out).

–After crossing the railroad tracks, Lin exclaimed “We’ve got garlic!”

1. crinkling sound emitted from the tin foil used to cover windows or vent openings to aide with light or heat, a tip from Aunt Pat. After too many evenings spent with a street lamp shinning in the bedroom window, we decided to permanently foil the one above our pillows. Foiling occurs when pillows jostle the tin foil.

–Depending on where you are in your sleep pattern, foiling may be confused with applause, and then you wake and realize you didn’t score a perfect 10 on that balance beam routine. It was just foiling.

One person's interpretation of moving up.

One person’s interpretation of moving up.

Outside Burnaby B.C. - after a long traffic delay, this was a soothing image.

Outside Burnaby B.C. – after a long traffic delay, this was a soothing image.

Water in the holes:
1. Warning phrase used to announce that the ice cube tray is full of water. Since we can only make ice one tray at a time and the tray sits on other shit in the freezer it’s best that both of us know when the tray is one false move away from a water disaster.

–Cocktail hour is over when there’s water in the holes.

1. Nickname for the tiny purple vacuum cleaner.
2. Nickname of Lin’s mini barbecue. Note it does a mini job too.

–Lift your feet so I can Barbie there.
–Even though Lin & Barbie aren’t close, I insist she come out when pork chops are involved.

Near Port Townsend, WA.  Why? What? Really?

Near Port Townsend, WA. Why? What? Really?

crank in yo’ seat:
1. Advised placement of the stabilizer hand crank so that it’s not forgotten (we’ve rolled off our blocks 3 times now without realizing our stabilizers were still down). It literally means put that damn thing in the driver’s seat so that we can’t possibly forget it again.

–Lin asks every time we pull up, “Did you stick that crank in yo seat? I don’t want to be a rookie again when we leave.”

1. Nickname for our rig since we lost one of our stabilizers due to crank in yo’ seat event. Name granted courtesy of Uncle Bob.

–Is the tripod perched yet? I’m ready to put out the slides.

Under Hawaii:
1. Refers to the storage under the seldom used left bench cushion of the dining table that fell victim to the broken spray sunscreen can and nearly an entire bottle of cocoanut extract, so now every time we move the cushion to get to the storage we live with 5 minutes of Hawaiian tropic smell.

–Can you please fetch the extra TP from under Hawaii? Usually followed by “going under”.

Inside Capitol Reef, UT.  Yeah to all women work crews!

Inside Capitol Reef, UT. Yeah to all women work crews!

Shake the snake:

1. Raising and shaking the poop tube to ensure that all liquid has traveled into the hole in the ground: usually done 3 or 4 times including a rinse water shake.

–Hurry up and shake the snake so we can roll on down the road.

Sink the shit:
1. Refers to the soap, cups, coffee pot and cutting board that have to ride down in the kitchen and bathroom sinks during drives, otherwise they fly onto the floor and give Lin a heart attack.

–When you forget to sink the shit, it leads to an anxiety ridden guessing game as we try to determine the source if the thump or kalump.

Check the lids:
1. request for someone to make sure that all 3 vent covers are cranked down before driving.

–Roll call: water in the hole- check, sink the shit- check, crank in yo’ seat- check, check the lids? Often followed by, “shit I thought it was your turn.”

Clam bake:
1. term used to indicate that you have no idea what the other person just said because the rig is so loud either while driving or when it’s raining. We used to try to guess what we’d heard instead of saying “what, or say again?”, until clam bake was such a funny answer that it stuck.

–Lin asked, Are you ready to roll? Translation of what I thought I heard “do you want a profiterole”? My response “clam bake”. [Note: it should be said in a loud, confident, booming voice.]

Hatch, NM likes their overinflated, unrelated, large plastic figures. Strange...

Hatch, NM likes their overinflated, unrelated, large plastic figures. Strange…

Why is he holding an RV?

Why is he holding an RV?

1. a friendly term of endearment for a female friend – deemed so by Ann after a few Canadian whiskey bevies.

–Whaz up bish?


1. When either the cap to the black water tank is left off or the trap door is not closed.

–Passing us on the freeway was a rookie with a dingleberry. Poor rookie.

Direct marketing hu?

Direct marketing huh?