RV Haiku Sep28


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RV Haiku

Haiku are short poems that use sensory language to capture a feeling or image. They are often inspired by an element of nature, a moment of beauty or a poignant experience. Japanese Haiku traditionally consist of 17 sounds (or syllables), divided into three phrases: 5 sounds, 7 sounds, and 5 sounds.

We’re having a poignant experience. I felt it warranted Haiku.

A Day in the RV

Good morning campground.
Yesterday’s outfit smells fine.
Sit, Hair, sit! Good Hair.
Slides pulled in. Unplugged.
Stabilizers remembered.
Swiftly the poop flows.

Miles of road ahead.
Dead porcupine approaches.
Big swerve! Thump. Sorry!

Rig bathroom wisdom:
Exit to pull up pants or
your head will smack wall.

Rattle, rattle, clunk.
Shower doors bang together.
Kotex pad fits there.

Bumpy road is over.
Condiments wait quietly
for moment of flight.

Tow bar pinch burns red.
Pink bug bite on blue arm bruise.
Life is colorful.

One pot, two pans, meal.
Ingredients all around.
Couch makes fine counter.

An angry wind sends
vent lid dancing across roof.
Tomorrow, duct tape.

Moon and stars are out.
Now gentler breeze comes over hill.
Poop trap door, ting, ting.

A three package bath.
Hand wipe, face wipe, butt wipe. Clean!
Good night new campground.