The Truth and the Consequences of Poppy Seeds Apr15


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The Truth and the Consequences of Poppy Seeds

Even if we only want to see one major thing in a town we need to stay two nights, since we usually don’t arrive at a new place until 3pm or 4pm which leaves just a few hours of day light to explore. So on our first day/night we just get set up, then take a walk or a bike ride around our campground, make dinner and then get our directions, etc. all planned out for the next day. Silver City was a 2 night stay with Gila being the one national park on our list, and then we headed east again to Las Cruces, NM.

Las Cruces is the second largest city in New Mexico (about 100,000 people) and unlike Tucson, which seemed to be under construction everywhere or rundown, the city buildings here were very handsome and interestingly designed and the the few town parks we saw sparkled with new playground equipment or showed off a rare patch of green grass. Our RV park, Hacienda, was on the outside edge of town and right next to the major freeway I-10, but despite that it was very clean, flat, had nice showers (and with ear plugs the highway noise wasn’t a problem).

Ali just finished pulling the rig up onto some blocks to get us level.

Ali just finished pulling the rig up onto some blocks to get us level.


There was a free Margarita Happy Hour in the lounge our first night!

We stayed in Las Cruces for 3 nights and first on our list was a day trip to Truth or Consequences for a soak in a hot spring. Greg Love, a friend of Allison’s had commented on our itinerary with a recommendation for Riverbend Hot Springs, aptly named for its genius location right on the banks of the Rio Grande River. It was a little over an hour drive straight up I-25 which has a let your hair whip out behind you speed limit of 75 MPH and an exhilarating cross-wind that makes staying in your lane a real challenge. Ali quite enjoyed the signs that said, “Wind Gusts May Exist”. Ya think?!!

As we slowed down to 25 MPH and rolled onto Broadway, we were greeted by lots of mobile homes and trailers, some houses and some businesses, but clearly “T or C”, as the locals call it, was a sleepy little town. It was 10 minutes to 11AM as we pulled into the gravel parking lot at Riverbend Hot Springs and found the front desk inside this tiny square hut. We hadn’t made a reservation, thinking we would just go with the flow and as luck would have it, they had just one private room available at 11am – the Rio.



Mmm! We had come prepared for potentially having to share a hot spring with others, there’s a public pool in addition to the few private rooms, so we did a little “lucky us” dance when we saw our amazing room and the setting. The water was almost too hot to stand for very long, but it was a sunny cool day with a breeze, so we dipped and bobbed in and out for our fifty minutes, enjoying the fish swimming near by in the river, and the butterflies and bees that visited.



Soaking in the hot water outside, was the first thing we had done on this trip that triggered a sentimental memory of our home and our past life. When we lived on Salisbury, we’d often hit our hot tub out on our beautiful deck under the canopy of trees on a weekend morning and we’d process with each other about our jobs and other stresses, but we’d also remind ourselves of all the blessings in our lives and talk about our dream of taking a year off to completely re-frame them. So it was only fitting that the topic for our riverside hot spring soak that morning was a mirror to that – a retrospective. “Any regrets?”, I tossed up for consideration?


Does that look like a face that feels regret? Nope, not yet anyway. We’ve had 10 months at this point to absorb and react to the decision to let go of our dream home and it still feels good, like the choice you make to wear the slightly larger jeans on the very long flight because the tighter ones might be cuter, but you’ll be really uncomfortable in them the whole time. Life is a long flight. I’m in favor of loose clothing. We don’t miss our jobs or the work we were doing, we’d already lost connection to them a while ago which was part of the problem. We do miss people that we worked with, all of our friends.

As for this new life, it does present some unique circumstances, but when we’re asked questions like, “Are you adjusting, OK?” or “Do you have cabin-fever yet?” or “What’s the hardest part?” the answers are light and easy and said with a smile. The outdoors, nature, this incredible country of ours is offering us such a rich experience, so wide-open and big, that any issues with our tiny space are just that, tiny. Like poppy seeds in the biggest most delicious lemon poppy seed muffin you can imagine, sure one might get stuck between your teeth for a little while, but damn that muffin tastes good.